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Zion Norwegian -- 63rd and Fourth Ave. (inactive)

2006--Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary

Lutheran Historical Conference

October 12-14, 2006

Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary

"Lutheran Identity and Regional Distictiveness"



German Lutheran Identity in Eastern Pennsylvania and the First Chorale Book, Daniel J. Grimminger

Lutherans in Brooklyn, Kathryn Galchutt

The Merger of the Gettysburg Seminary in Abdel Ross Wentz Day (1916-1966), Frederick K. Wentz

Lutheran Salzburqers and Muslim African Moors, Michael Gutzler


Evangelical Directions in American Lutheranism, James Burkee

In a Region of Their Own: Scholarly Refugee from American Lutheranism, Mark Granquist 

"Leave the Rest to Providence": Jolin Bachman and Southern Lutheranism. Susan Wilds McArver

Augsburg Confession War: Lutheran Confessional Beliefs and Rev. David Henkel in the Creation of the Tennessee Synod, Robert C. Carpenter


German Lutherans in Southwestern Indiana 1815 -1860, Karin Marie Kirsch

The Black Geneva Pietism of the Wisconsin Synod, Mark Braun

Texas Lutheran President Carl Weeber: Denied His Promised Land, Luther Oelke

"A Most Difficult Office": Establishing Lutheran Congregations in Early San Francisco. Richard O. Johnson

 A Pattern for Progress from Southern California to the Nation, Ray F. Kibler, III

Teaching the Pure Gospel: The Missionary Work of Rosa Jinseij Young, Julieanna Frost