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2014 -- Wisconsin Lutheran College

Lutheran Historical Conference

Schedule for the 2014 Biennial Meeting of the Lutheran Historical Conference

Friday, October 10, Saturday, October 11, and Sunday, October 12, 2014

Wisconsin Lutheran College, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Theme: "Lutheran in Popular Culture"


"Lutherans and the Civil Rights Struggle in Selma" Kathryn Galchutt.

'For Things Ever to Get Better in Georgia, a Different Human Race Must Arise": Johann Bergmann's Take on Religion and Culture in the Early American Nation" Russell Kleckley .

"Rev. Daniel E. Wiseman (1858-1942): Lutheran Pastor to the District of Columbia's Poor and Dispossessed" Phillip Teigen.

"The Wisconsin Synod Founds and Supports Prep Schools to Make Up for Deficiencies in Popular Culture" Paul Prange.

"The American Lutheran Publicity Bureau and the Missouri Synod Acculturation" Richard Johnson.

"Lutheran Passions Settings in America in Response to the Liturgical Reforms of the 20th Century" Bill Braun.

"National Union and Lutheran Unity: The General Synod Schism in its Civil War Context" Timothy Grundmeier,

"American Ideals in German Print: The Opposition of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod Conference to the 1889 Bennett Law in Wisconsin" Wade Johnston.

"Popular Culture Divides Lutherans in the East: The 'New Measures' Controversy of St. Paul's, Allentown (1870-1874)" Richard Baumann,

"Jonathan Rundman: Power Pop Lutheran" Martin Lohrmann.

"Our Man in Hollywood: The ALC's H. K. Rasbach" Joel Thoreson,

"Lutherans and NASCAR" Marilyn Stauffer.

"Bringing Christ's Love to the Apache People: Rev. John Plocher, First Christian Missionary to the San Carlos Apache (1893-1899)" David and Naomi Plocher

"The New Song in a New Land: The Gospel Preaching, Church Planting Ministry of the Rev. Friedrich Schmid (1833-1883)" Jack Ferguson,

"How Social Activists Shaped Lutheran Denominations' Social Agenda, (1975-1989)" Leslie Weber.

"Two Branches of the Lutheran Tree in the Global South: Brazil and Nigeria" Joel Otto.

"Locating Lutheranism: Using GIS Tools to Investigate and Interpret 19th Century Norwegian-American Lutherans" L. DeAne Lagerquist, Kristofer Coffman, and Nora Uhrich.

"Securing a Wisconsin State Historical Marker for the Birthplace of the Wisconsin Synod" Daniel Nommensen,